What the Leap Year project is.

The Leap Year I am going to show you is a series of drawings. I made each day, in Leap Year of 2008. The drawings actually started the day January 6th. I had just got back from being at my parents house for a month in Michigan. When I returned to Massachusetts I had no job, it was winter and I wanted something to pass the time. I decided drawing every day would at least fill up an hour of my day.

How it works: I'll send you an email every week on Wednesday. If you see one you like, email me. Let me know which one you want. First come first serve. The shipping is included, they are not framed, each are originals. In with your money, please include a note describing why you picked the one you did. In with the drawing I will tell you a story about its origins.

Wednesday, March 31, 2010

April 6 2008

Half & Half

Don't feel like being creative-Sold!

April 5 2008

Grasping at Air

April 4 2008

To Change ones Hat.


April 3 2008

To get what you want.


April 2 2008

Foxy & Rich


April 1 2008

Lady Luck

Thursday, March 25, 2010

March 30 2008

Climbing on Rocks at Gooseberry Island

Moved to Arizona--(sold)

March 29 2008

We all want someone to carry us away.

March 28 2008

Going Out

March 27 2008

Finally? How do you spell finally?

Finally - (sold)

March 26 2008

Shadows on the Inside of Your Eyelids

Shadows are very spooky in Arizona from what I remember. (Sold)

March 25 2008

Cosmic Eagle Eye

Looking at things in PA. (sold)

March 24 2008



Wednesday, March 17, 2010

March 23 2008


Looking at all the people in Brooklyn. (sold)

March 22 2008

Day out with Katie and Jody

March 21 2008

Home with myself

New home in Cambridge MA. (sold)

March 20 2008

I'll tell you if you listen well.

Moved to Michigan. (sold)

March 19 2008

Just think about what a turtle might think about being painted.

Are there turtles in Arizona, now there are. (sold)

March 18 2008

Do You Know Your Back is Hairy?

I know there are hairy backs everywhere! But this one is moving to Brooklyn. (sold)

March 17 2008

Swimming Up Stream

oved to Arizona (sold)

Thursday, March 11, 2010

March 15 2008

The Lottery

Moving to Arizona (sold)

March 16 2008

Drunk on a Sunday

March 14 2008

Hot & Cold

March 13 2008

Are we ever to make new friends?

Moving to Brooklyn

March 12 2008

Spreading Out

Moving to Ann Arbor Michigan (sold)

March 11 2008

Getting in to anything.

March 10 2008

Something to Think about.

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

March 9 2008

Confusing the Situation

Moved to the Desert

Good Evening! and to some I bet a good morning to ya!

A little later than normal, but hey! Better late than never!

At this point. I post the drawings and I can remember what was happening during this specific time of the year personal, social, work, school dreams, and yes the weather as well. An amazing thing to be able to recollect the recent past through my drawings, and even more worth a bat of an eyelash, is that some of you want to join in on the fun.

Lets not forget that some of the great parts about this project is the fact that it involves the mail. Time passes in its use. We can look at these old letters in the future and remember how much a stamp was. The letters we exchange are a secret moment. Time to share something private and sincere. That in our current time is a wonderful treat. If you do not want to look back at these letters. Because you don't want to save them, well that is your choice as well. But remember that letter writing is a dying art, not like when they say painting is dead, but truth. Cold hard truth, the post office announced recently that they were going to stop Saturday mail delivery, the rates are set to possible go up 25%, and most likely the last person you communicated with outside a face-to-face conversation was via text message. So do take part.

Enjoy and remember, I will be waiting for something other than junk mail until we meet again.


March 7 2008

Love is What it Belongs to be.

Rats might eat this in Cambridge

March 08 2008

Dreams of the Future

Dreaming in the desert.

March 6 2008


March 5 2008

Walking in a Circle only Gets you Back to Where you Started.

Circled back to Michigan

March 4 2008

We Grow

Growing or dying of heat exhaustion in Tucson Arizona.

March 3 2008

Its something that grows from nothing that mystifies.

Mysteries in Brooklyn, thanks!