What the Leap Year project is.

The Leap Year I am going to show you is a series of drawings. I made each day, in Leap Year of 2008. The drawings actually started the day January 6th. I had just got back from being at my parents house for a month in Michigan. When I returned to Massachusetts I had no job, it was winter and I wanted something to pass the time. I decided drawing every day would at least fill up an hour of my day.

How it works: I'll send you an email every week on Wednesday. If you see one you like, email me. Let me know which one you want. First come first serve. The shipping is included, they are not framed, each are originals. In with your money, please include a note describing why you picked the one you did. In with the drawing I will tell you a story about its origins.

Saturday, September 25, 2010

August 31, 2008

Threw It All Away, Supposably


August 30, 2008


August 29, 2008

Too Busy


August 28, 2008

Not Going Back


August 26, 2008

The End is Near

August 25, 2008

Will I Get My Minds Heart Back?


August 23, 2008

In or Out?


August 24, 2008

Last Days

August 22, 2008


August 21, 2008

This is My Island that's Yours

August 19, 2008

Get Out of My Head


August 20, 2008

You Suck


August 18, 2008


August 17, 2008


August 16, 2008

Getting Ready

August 15, 2008


August 14, 2008

Over The Mountains

August 13, 2008

What R U Looking At?

August 12, 2008

Really wish I had titled this one...

A mounted bust of a ram/owl creature with lips in love with what looks like a pine tree?

Thank you imagination and automatic drawing.


August 11, 2008


August 10, 2008


Some of the ones this month that look like color studies, are me trying to figure out what color to paint my new room.
August 8, 2008

August 7, 2008


Also suffering from the fact my scanner hates reds and hot pinks. Some of my favorites.

August 6, 2008

Something In a World of Hurt

a really bad scan...I adjusted this till...well all the beautiful rich reds and magenta's were sucked out through the computer screen

August 5, 2008

4 Looming things

August 4, 2008

Looming Change

August 3, 2008

Planning an Escape


August 2, 2008

Summer Is Almost Over

August 1, 2008